Warsaw P&O Property Management

Whether you are letting a single property, or own a large investment portfolio, our Warsaw Property Management team can provide professional peace of mind.

Administration of real estate designed for hotel, holiday or short-term rental.

The offer of cooperation in the field of real estate services: - cleaning service - technical customer service :

- administrative support. Dear Sir or Madam, We have the pleasure to present you the offer in the field of an administrative and technical housing, which is developed basing on our experience in the administration of apartments for short-term rental.

Our offer is addressed to:

- persons and companies that rent apartments and want to get rid of the problem of maintaining cleanliness

- persons and companies that rent apartments and want to get rid of the problem of technical service and delivering keys

- individuals and companies that rent apartments and wish to obtain additional sales channels through our portal

- individuals and companies that rent apartments and want to transfer the management of apartments and customer service to a professional company

- persons and companies wishing to invest in real estate for rental.

We are a company operating on the Warsaw market for over 11 years. We offer properties for short-term rental in Warsaw, all of which are available for online booking 24/7.

Our database consists of an exceptionally wide range of properties available for short-term rental located in various districts of Warsaw, ranging from comfortable cozy apartments to luxurious suites of the highest class. Our apartments are safe, clean, always prepared for the arrival of guests, they correspond to Western European standards.

We are characterized by passion and reliability, therefore for each project we approach with great commitment. Thanks to our great experience gained over the years, we now know very well the needs of customers using our services and our competitors as well.

Knowledge of the market allows us to advise on the choice of location, size of the property; after determining the standard of the property, we are able to provide you with the estimated revenue from short-term rental. Having the database with the largest number of apartments for rental among the companies on the Warsaw market, we believe that we are the best to offer comprehensive services: preparation of real estate for rental (supervising renovations, furnishing and homestaging with a professional photo session), then the administration and real estate services in the field of technical and cleaning matters, as well as booking and customer support. If necessary, we mediate in the sale of real estate.

With the increasing number of homeowners cooperating with us, we have developed the following offer, which will clearly present the benefits that can be achieved when you decide to work with us.