Bussiness travel for corporate employees.


Our clients work with us to place their business travelers and relocating professionals in destinations around the world .We provide clents with access to our carefully vetted network partners, serviced apartment  providers and Hotels that are available in 354 cities throughout Europe, the Middle East and Africa, across North & South America and Asia. Each of our partners is committed to providing quality serviced apartments or Hotels.


We provide all the services you need for the day-to-day management of your property including repairs and maintenance, making sure that properties meets all health and safety regulations as well as refurbishments and improvement works when necessary. We inspect the property frequently and provide out of hours emergency services for tenants. A full client accounting service is available for our clients. We operate a policy of seeking rents by direct debit from all customers and have an excellent record for rent collection as a result of strict and rigorous chasing procedures. We employ a team of specialist tenancy administrators who prepare tenancy documentations, monitor and negotiate reviews and renewals, approve references, arrange inventories and process deposits.

Property investment – Get a return on your investment 

Require a Valuation ?

Want to know how much you could let it for? Get in touch with our residential team for an honest, accurate and free market appraisal. Call us now  +48 573 187236  or email  tomasz.kepinski@pandoapartments.eu 

Serviced apartments as an investment Investors looking to invest in the serviced apartment sector will be enthused by its fundamentals. In terms of the specific investment, individuals will be looking for buildings with high quality facilities in good, central locations. Keeping in mind that the people who will use the apartments will be either business travelers or leisure travelers (or a combination of both), they will require easy access to transport links and the area’s attractions and amenities. Due to stays being generally longer (research has shown that 91% of stays are of 14 nights+), residents will be reassured of a more stable income as their apartment will be occupied for a more definite period. The longer than average duration of stay, coupled with lower running costs, means that serviced apartments generally achieve higher net operating incomes compared to regular hotels. This helps to allay the worries of individuals considering hotel room investments but are concerned about the possibility of gaps in occupancy.

The distinction between serviced apartments and Airbnb

Governments have been cracking down on Airbnb rentals, which in part allows for success in the serviced apartment market. Berlin has banned tourists from renting entire flats from Airbnb to protect affordable housing, and Airbnb are banned from listing short term rentals in New York. Serviced apartments differ in that they are not flats owned by individuals looking to achieve a supplementary income, but rather they are owned by a company with the sole purpose of renting them out on either a short-term or long-term basis to individuals who need somewhere to stay. Unlike Airbnb, the apartments are not someone else’s permanent residence. Read also: Falling Pound, terror attacks – is U.K property still worth investing in? The crackdown of Airbnb rentals in some locations is allowing serviced apartments the opportunity to accommodate those who would have used Airbnb, further boosting demand for the units.

Invest now in Warsaw properties and entrust them to us in the management! In Warsaw alone we have been trusted by more than 300 owners of apartments with a total area of 11.200 square meters and the total number of rooms of 451. We are able accomadate 920 guests per day.

Here are a few reasons why:

  • Tell us how much money would you to earn per each day of rental and we will do it for you.

  • You can share your property whenever you want, at any time - there are no restrictions.

  • Adding real estate is free of charge and there are no hidden costs whatsoever.

  • Promoting your property to hundreds of thousands of customers of the P&O Apartments Group.

  • our local service is always ready to help and assist you with any urgent matter.

  • Sale the offer of your apartment through more than 100 partners worldwide.

 We know how hard it can be, both on your pocket and your watch, to manage your own property investment. It’s why we offer property management with peace of mind, combined with over 12 years’ experience and means we can help you meet the demands of property investment.How it works

  • You provide P&O  Apartments with a fully furnished apartment/property. The apartment is owned by you or one which you have permission to sub-let.
  • Ideally P&O Apartments look to take on a minimum of 5 units per development.
  • P&O Apartments will provide you with a list of furnishing requirements.
  • There is an property investor agreement to sign.
  • Once the documentation is in place P&O Apartments will prepare the apartment for serviced lets and market your apartment accordingly.
  • Your apartment will be let to corporate or leisure travellers for days, weeks, months or years.

Our commitment to you

  • Corporate priority stays
  • High return on your investment
  • Property maintenance
  • Kept in immaculate condition
  • Monthly statements
  • Peace of mind


Warsaw P&O Property Management




P&O APARTMENTS is the smart choice for marketing your holiday rental properties in Warsaw ,Cracow, Manchester , London , whether you have 1 ,2 or 10. Here are a few reasons why...


Make money

Tell us how much you want to receive per night, and we will go get it for you

No exclusivity (option)

You can market your property wherever you like – there are no restrictions

It’s free

It’s totally free to list your property on our site, that’s it - no hidden extra costs

Get results

Promote your property to the hundreds of thousands of P&O Apartments Group visitors each year

Be the one in charge

Choose to accept and reject bookings with one simple click

We’re totally secure

We handle all payments for you using a fraud free system

We’re here to help!

Our dedicated account services team is always available to help and assist

Manage your calendar

We provide free tools for you to keep track of your bookings, availability and pricing

We work hard for you

We invest in making sure your property can be seen and found in search engine result pages


Warsaw is (after London) the second best place for real estate investments!
Invest in Warsaw and let us manage your property.

Warsaw real estate more attractive to investors than Paris
In terms of tourist attractiveness or the quality of life Warsaw is no worse than many other European cities. However, one of the city’s characteristics is particularly remarkable – the opportunities for making profit from real estate investments.
It has been confirmed by the results of the “study on the investor intentions on the real estate market” as announced by an international consulting firm CBRE during the European real estate market in Cannes. According the most important investors Warsaw is the second most attractive place for investments. Unequivocally the best place turned out to be London – 37% of the respondents think, that there is no better place in Europe in regard to investments possibilities. But this year, the capital of Poland defeated, among others Paris, Munich and Berlin.
Warsaw’s advancement to a group of cities that enjoy the greatest interest from investors is associated with the well-deserved image of Poland as a country with a strong economic foundation, resistant to a turbulence of the European and world markets – commented the managing director of CBRE Poland, Colin Waddell.
It seems that this statement does not have an ounce of courtesy. In this year’s ranking of "investment prospects in the property market" by PwC and the Urban Land Institute, our capital city came in third place, which means a rise by up to seven items. Director of Real Estate Team PwC and Urban Land Institute, Kinga Barchoń admitted that during the crisis investors are looking above all for a "safe harbor in uncertain times." In addition, it may seem improbable to someone, but our capital has an important asset in this regard - a tax advantage. The FirmTaxand verified the last year treasury takings of all the taxes from sellers and landlords of commercial properties in 29 countries. It turned out that we have the lowest taxes on sales - 4.4 percent, and one of the lowest taxes on rent - 16.33 percent.
The fact that Warsaw was targeted by powerful investment funds is confirmed by more than 30 percent increase in the last year sales value of commercial real estate, as compared to 2010.
The international consultancy firm Cushman & Wakefield reported that the transaction value reached more than 2.5 billion euros, the highest since 2007. The investors are particularly interested in shopping centers and office buildings. In the purchase of the former, they have spent nearly 1.2 billion, and the latter - about 1.1 billion. According to Cushman & Wakefield, the office transactions take place almost exclusively within the Warsaw market. Furthermore, Qatar Investment Authority, one of the largest state funds from the Gulf countries emerged on the Warsaw market. It became the new owner of the Orange Town.

For more information (in Polish): https://wyborcza.biz/finanse/1,108340,11304103,Warszawskie_nieruchomosci_atrakcyjniejsze_do_inwestowania.html



OFFER FOR PROPERTY OWNERS IN WARSAW , CRACOW  and London, Manchester , Spain ( Costa del Sol & Cpsta Blanca)

Our offer in Warsaw is addressed mainly to our countrymen, who temporarily left the country.
They have left an empty apartment in Poland, which they don’t have time to look after. But they want to have the comfort and assurance that during any shorter or longer stay in the country they will be able to stay at their home. The offer is also addressed to people who, for various reasons do not want to let their apartments for long term, for instance in fear of adverse possession by the tenants. We are willing to cooperate with everyone who owns a high standard apartment located in the center of Warsaw and would like to let it, while retaining full rights to use it whenever needed.
We address our offer also to investors, both Polish and foreign, owning real estate in Warsaw, either for their own use, or purchased for investment purposes, such as future resale.
Before you find a buyer, your property can work for you. This in no way interferes with the sale. Even when the property is rented, potential buyers can view it.
Have you invested in real estate and now you are having problems with selling it? Do you own an apartment in Warsaw and you want to increase profits from letting it? If so, join us! An apartment can make profit throughout the year in two ways: by a steady increase of real estate prices in Warsaw, as well as through short-term lease.

Short term lease will spare you the problems associated with long-term rental of your apartment:
 - You don’t need to search for customers
 - You will not be surprised by the sudden departure of the tenants
 - No one will be able to take your property by adverse possession
 - You can always visit your apartment, invite your family or friends
 - Every time you come to your apartment is will be cleaned, waiting for you with fresh linens and towels
 - You won’t be waiting months to receive the payment of the rent
 - You won’t pay any agency commission

With us you can let your apartment from one day to another, for any period of time. For instance you can let your apartment only during the high season when you are spending your holidays in a fabulous location, away from the hustle and bustle of Warsaw.
According to a recent research on real estate market in Europe, Warsaw is one of the markets guaranteeing the highest profitability and a steady increase in prices over the next few years.
With our experience will help you boost profits, so the investment costs will quickly pay off.
We have a popular website, well publicized in all the world's search engines. It describes every property in detail, its surroundings and nearby attractions, so our customers can choose the most suitable accommodation in the most convenient location. Our website has a high, constantly increasing rate of PR and it is highly positioned in the global search engines, e.g. in google it appears at the top of the search. Furthermore, we count daily hundreds of visits on our website.
We do extensive marketing campaign in Poland and in Europe, so that our brand becomes recognizable and associated with the highest standards of service. We bought a number of ads, including Google, in many popular sites associated with the tourist and hotel industry. Moreover, we are cooperating with many sites in Europe. We work with an advertising agency www.rainbow-media.com.pl that looks after our image and the advertising for the brand PandO Apartments. All these institutions will help us in promotion of your property, if you join us.
We advertise ourselves at various types of events, such as fashion shows, concerts and travel newsletters for foreigners. We publish brochures and flyers that are delivered to the tourist information offices, restaurants and clubs in Warsaw, we cooperate with many real estate agencies.
Our offer is available in most of the major Polish and international online booking services who work as intermediaries in the reservations of apartments and hotels in Warsaw.
Our goal is to attract possibly the largest number of satisfied customers who expect the service to at the optimum level for the appropriate price. This is how you get the best profitability of your property and how the investments pay off. It is worthy of note, that we have a large number of constantly returning customers.
You can submit your enquiry for short term property lease by sending us pictures and description of your apartment to the e-mail address: margaret@pandoapartments.eu.
We accept apartments only in good locations (near tube stations), and that are fully equipped and nicely decorated.



Rest Assured that your Property is Being Managed Well, and Enjoy an Excellent Return, Whilst Still Being Able to Use Your Property When You Want To.


If you are considering renting your property, you will want it looked after and rent it out free of hassle.


P&O Apartments will be gladly of your assistance. We will be very happy to rent out your property for you and take care of the maintenance.  To begin with, we would like to give you some items to consider, based on our broad experience on both fields.


For instance:

-          How often do I want to use the property myself

-          Do I just want to cover the costs or do I want to maximise the income

-          How flexible do I want to be regarding rentals

-          Do I want to rent out for weeks or maybe longer in for example the winter period

-          Am I happy to have children or animals in the apartment

-          What kind of furniture shall I choose to furnish the apartment

-          How many sets of bed linen, towels, china, etc. do I need



Once you have decided to rent out your property, we will come and visit your property and take you through the necessary paperwork. We will advertise your property on our web site and take care of the bookings and your tenants from the moment they arrive till the moment they leave again. We take care of cleaning the apartment and change of bed linen after the tenants have left and make the apartment ready for the new clients to arrive. All without you having to worry about anything! The only thing you have to do is enjoy the property when you are here yourself.


Second homes, holiday homes and investment properties can cause more problems than they are worth. Long lets are not feasible, as owners wish to have use of their properties. Properties often stand empty for months on end, only for the owner to return to a dilapidated and degraded property.

P&O Apartments  provides an elegant solution. Enjoy your property as and when you wish. When you are not using it, we let it out as holiday accommodation (to carefully vetted clients). We provide a comprehensive property management solution, covering all aspects of this business.

We can also provide a standard property management solution, without using your property for short term lets.

Return to an Immaculate Property, Prepped and Primed for Your Arrival

Instead of returning to a dusty, stuffy house, P&O Apartments  will see to it that you property is in perfect condition, and perfectly cleaned prior to your arrival. We will open the windows and clear out the house on your arrival day. We can also offer services such as pre-stocking your kitchen and wine cellar.

If you are looking for:

  • professional property managers

  •  a good return on your asset

  • to find your property in better condition than you left it

  •  a company that will offer you peace of mind

... then P P&O Apartments  is the company for you

Dear Owners !

We can propose You a management of your property when You are not there or if You don’t have a time to do it ! Our monthly  service includes visit for a complete check of the interior and exterior of your property. We prepare your property upon your arrival and after your departure.


  • Unauthorized entry, infestation, water leakage .

  •  Check that the alarm system, gas, water, electricity is working.

  •  Airing your property, flush toilets and sinks to avoid unwanted smells.

  • Water interior and exterior plants, supervise garden and pool area.